Rules & guidelines

There are some things that are good to know when becoming a member at Friskis&Svettis Jönköping.

The membership fee is 150SEK/year. Members get discounts and offers from our special partners. You also get fun things such as lectures, the right to vote at our annual meetings, and an insurance at the company Svedea - in case anything unfortunate should happen during your visit at F&S. As a member, you also get a discount when visiting other F&S in other cities. In return, we want you to stay away from doping and other drugs, and to follow out other rules and guidelines.

Book a class You can reserve your spot at a class 6 days to 60 minutes before the class starts. A reserved spot can be claimed 2 hours to 5 minutes before the class begins.

Need to unbook a class? Do it online or via the app 1 hours before the class, at the latest. If you dont unbook a class that you donät attend, it will give you a warning. After 3 warnings your membership card will be deactivated. A new activation costs 100 SEK. This prevents members from making unnesessary reservations.

Discounts from our partners As a member at F&S you have great offers and discounts at our special partners stores and companies. Check the page medlemsförmåner to have a look at all  the offers.

Your membership card is personal. Lending it to someone else will result in you being expelled for 3 months.

Refund We don't give refunds on training cards or gift cards.

Freeze your card You can pause your membership if you are pregnant, ill, injured (bring a medical note) or are going away to study abroad/in an other city (bring something to confirm this). We can pause your card for a maximum of 365 days. A pause can also be made for other reasons 1 time/membership card at a cost of 100 SEK. Maximum pause time is 3 months.

Give to a friend You are allowed to pass on your membership card to another member. (This does not apply if you pay for your membership by monthly payment).

Lost your card? You should always bring your membership card when visiting F&S. If you have lost your card, we can replace it for 50 SEK.

Discounts Check for any discounts before you buy your membership card. Here you can see the prices and discounts.

Valuables We don't take responsibility for your valuables. But we offer lockers and padlocks so that you can keep your things safe.

Play-corners are available at F&S City and in Huskvarna. They are suitable for children that can manage on their own. It is not allowed to bring kids along to the class/gym. Children from 2 years and up can be left at our Childcare help, which is available at F&S City during certain hours.

Assistants with a "Pluspolare" card work out for free. If you come along as an assistant/support to someone and you do not workout yourself, you can of course tag along at no charge.