Individual training

Welcome to Sweden's most enjoyable gym

Our gym offers you great possibilities to challenge yourself. Here you find plenty of exercise tools and lots of space for your workout, whether it is to boost your strength, cardio, balance or flexibility. We call the gym multihallar (multi halls). Or playgrounds. Here you find barbells, ropes, rubber bands, roman rings, stretching areas, kettlebells, balance boards, balls, dumbbells, a cage and loads of other stuff to play around with. 

The multi hall is designed to reflect the way we look at training - everyone can do it, everyone can have fun. Soft, hardcore, rehab, sporty, intense. You can get different a workout experience every time, all in the same gym.

We want you to get the help and assistance that you need, in the way that you need. That’s why we have a whole bunch of instructors in the gym. They are ready to provide helpful tips and give you support in your training. Your gym card includes a free instruction on both beginners and advanced level, so be sure to book your instruction at the reception. 

Age limit
You should be at least 13 years of age to visit the gym on your own. 10 yearolds are welcome together with their parent or guardian. Bring your ID when buying your gym card.

A whole range to choose from

Individual instruction Based on your needs and your training goals, our gym instructors will provide you with an individual workout programme, which you work with together. The instruction is for everyone - for beginners, for those who want inspiration and new exercises, and for those who are used to working out and want to improve their technique. The instruction is included in your membership and is free of charge. (If you don’t show up for the instruction, there will be a 100 SEK fee).   

Available trainer
Most of the time, there are instructors at hand in the gym. They are ready to answer any questions regarding your training, and they will gladly give you hints and pointers in your training. Or use them to get a pep talk or to learn a couple of new exercises.

IMT - inspiration with an instructor In a small group you get the opportunity to try new exercises and training equipment together with an instructor. You’ll also get feedback on your training and a lot of new exercises to try on your own later on. You can choose between the following TMI classes:

• IMT Boll&Bosu: Together with an instructor, you get to try working out with balancing balls and Bosu balls. Work with your strength, stabiblity, balance and flexibility.

• IMT Gymband: We try different exercises with gym bands and you get to work with your entire body’s strength and stability. At the same time you get technique tips and pointers from the instructor.

• IMT HIT (highly intensity training): A tough TMI that suits those who like an intense workout with a skyrocketing pulse. You are used to intense training in the gym, handling free weights and want to learn something new.  

• IMT Kettlebells: Try Kettlebells together with an instructor. Learn the basics and get a great exercise. You don’t need to have tried Kettlebells before, but it’s good if you aren’t a complete beginner at working out.

• IMT Skivstångsteknik (barbells): Here we focus on the techniques in the most common exercises in the Skivstång/barbell classes. Learn how to make your exercises safe, efficient and technically correct. The instructor guides you, but it’s good if you have tried the Skivstång class a couple of times before.

TEMA - Theme session Tema is a workshop in the gym where we mix treoretical knowledge with practical exercises within a theme, such as kettlebell training. Book the session at the reception or online. Day and time will be announced on this website and on Facebook.

Group training If you have a gym card (individual training only) you have access to some group training classes aswell: 

  • Cirkelfys 

  • Cirkelgym

  • Löpfys

  • Cross (outdoors)

  • HIT (Highly intense training)

Book the class on our website, the app or at the reception. And look for the gray ang green classes on the goup training schedule. 

Babygym As a parent, you can take your little baby in to the gym mon-sun at 9.00-12.00 The baby should be seated in a portable car chair or lay down in a stroller seat.

Music in the gym We play softer music all days from opening to 8.00. Also mondays and wednesdays 8.00-11.00 in all facilities. Did you know that you can use the Blicko jukebox to request songs that will be played in our facilities? Visit